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Models of the Project Runway Premiere!

Posted in denver, fashion, gays, tv by Blake on January 15, 2010

The Cast of Season 7

Like other homosexuals across North America, Alastair and I were glued to the screen at 8:00 MST last night for the season premiere of Project Runway.  Well, I was; Alastair arrived precisely at 8:01, which meant I was running down the stairs to let him in just as it began.  “It’s already started.  Run!” I yelled as I opened the downstairs door.  And to his credit, and never a great one for exercise, Alastair ran.  We were also joined – mid-runway show – by our southern gal pal, Bonita Lou (but this time I had left the door open for her so I didn’t have to miss one single minute).

Anyone who has bothered to read this far does not need a recap of how Project Runway works – is there any sane person left in this nation who has not enjoyed its wonder? – so let me cut to the chase.  I believe I can speak for Alastair when I say that we are excited for the prospects of this season, more so than last.  Three reasons:  More talent.  Crazier people.  Much more model drama.

The Models of the Runway, Season 2

And here I am willing to go on record (albeit pseudonymously) and say that I am a convert to Models of the Runway.  Lifetime – while it may make me sit through trailers for “The Pregnancy Pact” (dear god, has it come to this, Camryn Manheim?) – has been pretty savvy in its development of this sister show for PR.  If you’re in for one, why not stick around for an additional half hour?  Especially if you think you might learn something extra about PR itself.  And of course you do.  They are also well aware of a sizable chunk of their demographic: the gays.  And what is Models of the Runway but an upscale version of  the perennial gay favorite, America’s Next Top Model, except with actual models? Well played, Lifetime.

OK, some initial thoughts, in no particular order:

Back to New York!  Amen.

We’re thrilled that, at least for the first episode, Heidi and Tim were joined by both Michael and Nina.  Too often last season was one or the other absent.

Anthony is all kinds o’ gay.  And that’s fantastic.  He wears it well.

Ping is more than a little loopy.  Also fantastic.  All the better for us.

Seth Aaron needs to pick one first name and ditch the other.  Haven’t the gays gotten over this silly habit yet?  One is enough.  (Jay and Janeane also seem to have two names but they don’t insist on being called both at all times.) He also needs to fix his hair, which is not nearly as “rocker” as he seems to think.

Janeane’s crying jags will start to wear pretty soon.  Get a hold of yourself!

There are some pretty cute boys this time around.  And I do mean “boys.”  They just get younger and younger!  (Or maybe it’s that I get… No, I won’t think of it that way.) We’ll see if they last.

As for the models: Allison may claim to be 23 but she kind of looks like a 40 year-old housewife from her native Ohio.

Brandise, 32 (!!!) and proud of it, is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and you know how I love a Canadian!

Sophia, while meeting with the approval of the ornery model coach, Anastasia, and quickly becoming one of Alastair’s favorites, definitely rubs me the wrong way.  The woman was apportioning out clothes hangers within minutes of arriving in the Flatotel.  Really??

But the one to watch – only for the sheer crazy factor – is Alexis, from right here in Denver!  She proudly told the camera that her religion was witchcraft.  She’s a witch model!  (A witchodel?)  But fear not: she only practices white magic, not black.  Phew!

As for the verdict: Bravo to Emilio for winning, deservedly, in our humble opinion.  Seth Aaron’s Avril Lavigne-inspired silliness was not to our taste, but you can’t pick ‘em all. (We had him pegged for the bottom three.)  And Christiane – who not only created a loud mess of a dress, but also was rather cocky about it – was a great choice to be first off.  We were disappointed to see the designers exhibit so much loyalty to their models right off the bat (especially as the previews make it seem like this is not going to last and indeed that at least one model, in a total twist, is going to reject her designer!); Kelly was tall and beautiful and deserved to stay.  Alas…

Not all that surprisingly, we are hooked and will be back next week to see what happens.  Stay tuned…


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  1. squadratomagico said, on January 19, 2010 at 8:40 am

    I finally watched it on Tivo. I agree with most of your observations, but is Anthony is the contestant I think he is, his dress was a travesty. Horrible fabric (Stiff black satin with huge bright blossoms? Who wears that outside of Dallas TX?) and unflattering design (second share of hips, anyone?) He’s sweet and fun, but I hope he can design better than that in future.

    I liked Ping’s draped look — I’d definitely wear it myself, in the right mood! You’re right about her being loopy, but I like that.

    And I thought the winning dress was pretty impressive. Not my personal style, but I could see the clarity of thought and well-constructed quality of it.

    I hope you’ll post more of your impressions later in the season.

    • Blake said, on January 19, 2010 at 10:35 am

      Oh yes, Anthony is indeed the one with the hideous hip-increasing dress. I am not a fan of his couture but I do like him and think it’ll be fun to watch his commentary and the way he interacts with everyone. I also liked Emilio’s winning dress.

      At this point, because there are so many of them, and because the actual runway show is so quick, I find it hard to pay as much attention to the actual clothes and much easier to note the personalities. But that will change as the contestants get winnowed down!

  2. mamamonroe said, on January 20, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    I 100% agree about Seth Aaron’s hair…

    • Blake said, on January 21, 2010 at 8:12 pm

      Mama! You’re back. Have you gone to your homeland yet?

      I’m watching PR right now. Potato sacks; we shall see. What has not changed is that Seth Aaron’s hair is still bad.

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