Down and Out in Denver

Nau Vice Blazer

Posted in fashion by Alastair on February 20, 2010

For spring 2010, Nau offers this vaguely military-chic look, with shaped cuffs, a rear right-side zippered pocket, and a tall collar. A modern blazer with casual style, Vice makes use of double weave 80/20 recycled poly/organic cotton. It sounds perfect as the weather warms and I transition to slimmer jackets and blazers (okay, obviously not yet). Priced at $225 this is a must-buy, at least for me!  Versa, the women’s version, is styled more like a smart riding blazer and is built from 100% recycled polyester.

Nau adheres to three credos: beauty, performance, and sustainability. Unfortunately, the men’s line can’t be found anywhere in Denver. (Women have slightly more luck). I found it somewhat surprising, particularly given the smart design, eco-friendly materials, and simple care. The clothing is equally at home in a storm or on city streets. However, a call to The Garment District revealed their plans to carry the fall 2010 clothing line for both men and women.  Looks like I’ll have to settle with a visit online for now.



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