Down and Out in Denver

Back Off Denver Drivers!

Posted in denver, outdoors by Blake on March 4, 2010

Alastair and I have long noted a trend among Denver drivers: they don’t pay attention to pedestrians. This is probably because there aren’t all that many pedestrians in this car-centric culture, even as many Coloradans pursue exercise in any number of other ways.  This is one of Alastair’s biggest pet peeves because he walks to work.  I notice because I am a runner, sometimes through Cheesman or Wash Park, but more frequently along city streets and sidewalks.  Just yesterday I was heading along Seventh Avenue at a decent clip and was just about to cross the street at Josephine when a car whips around the corner and cuts me off at a green light, my green light.  For future reference Denver drivers, this means that a pedestrian has the right of way:

My Right of Way, Not Yours!

Yes, this particular driver was on her cell phone and that probably contributed to her inability to see that she had almost run me down.  But the greater problem is that Denver drivers do not seem to realize that while pedestrians may often be confined to the sidewalk, in order to get from sidewalk to sidewalk, we, too, must cross the street (or alley; don’t even get me started on how drivers don’t check before emerging from one of Denver’s alleys).  The roads belong to all of us!

I used to live in a big city with crazy traffic, a city whose drivers have a bad reputation, but it was also a city of pedestrians, millions of them, and so drivers also knew that there could always be other people using the roads, and they were often ready for us.  Not so in Denver.


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  1. Totally anonymous said, on March 5, 2010 at 11:21 am

    Oh, I know. I hate it when people don’t respect the rules and observe the walk signs, don’t you??

  2. […] membership and looking forward to giving this a go. Hell, one less Denver driver on the road (acting all important on their cell phone and too busy and important to be keeping an eye out for tha…) will add years to my life. In the meantime, check out the site and stop by the launch party on […]

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