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Posted in denver, design, fashion, wine by Alastair on March 19, 2010

Last weekend a good gal pal and I went for a little bike ride… I know. Truth be told, it was more of a booze cruise on two wheels. Wine is not a great substitute for water by the way and it has the opposite effect of Gatorade. However, it tastes a hell of a lot better. Before things got boozy we dropped by an adorable little shop called Tomte, located at 1644 Platte Street. It was an unexpected surprise… and an amazing find. 

Tomte: small, but strong.

I did a little research. A tomte is a mythical creature of Scandinavian folklore. It’s believed that they watched over a farmer’s home, as well as his children, protecting them from misfortune, especially at night, when everyone was asleep. Cute little guy. 

Tomte features lots of great  handmade products, many of them made locally: sewn goods, tea towels, shirts, and glassware. Some of the products that stood out to us were some amazing  little terrariums incorporating tiny, beautiful ceramic deer. I can’t recall that last time I saw a terrarium, let alone one that I would want to display in my own home. Other highlights included a collection of rather uniquely hand crafted mushroom-shaped birdhouses that hung from a tree branch suspended from the ceiling; graphic tees printed on what has to be one of the best made shirts out there these days; a noteworthy selection of screen-printed tea towels, coasters, and placemats; and a collection of buttons employing recycled security envelope patterns.  

Birdhouses by Denver’s own Michael McDowell

I could have easily dropped more than the ten-spot on the handmade tote bag I picked up for myself. And, before we headed off to grape filled pastures, I quickly made a few notes to myself for my gal pal’s upcoming birthday. If you have the chance to stop by Tomte. Modern Craft, I highly suggest it… not only are you supporting locally made products, but showing Denver that talented local designers are worth investing in.


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  1. Tomte. Modern Craft said, on June 5, 2010 at 7:16 am

    […] spend too much time looking at incoming blog links, but I woke up early this morning. I found this very kind post over at Down and Out in Denver. Check out their blog for some great all over […]

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