Down and Out in Denver

Pinkberry Comes to Denver

Posted in denver, design, food by Alastair on May 11, 2010

Yes, Pinkberry, the tart premium frozen yogurt franchise that got its start in Southern California (and home to Swirly Goodness) is coming to Denver’s 16th Street Mall this July. Looks like they’re taking over the old Peet’s Coffee & Tea at 1600 Glenarm Place. And while I was seriously bummed to see Peet’s go, I’m happy that Pinkberry is taking its place just in time for summer. I’m even happier that it’s not going to be another Starbucks or Subway. Seriously… how many Fourbucks do we need along the 16th Street Mall, people?

While Pinkberry is located mostly in Southern California, with roughly a dozen stores in New York City, there are many competitors out there, including Red Mango which, according to my best gal pal Leona, has an outpost in Seattle. I’m most looking forward to the sleek green-and-blue striped facade, carefully crafted interior, and Philippe Starck plastic furniture that all help compliment the product, while hopefully injecting some good design sense to Denver’s 16th Street Mall.

Be sure to listen to The Lady Tigra’s incredibly catchy jingle “Sorry Ice Cream,” Pinkberry’s signature song, below.

“Sorry Ice Cream” by Rachel de Rougemont aka The Lady Tigra:


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