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PR: Gretchen wins again

Posted in fashion, tv by Blake on August 6, 2010

I also watched Project Runway last night.  And before I discuss the actual competition, let me address what seems to be a significant change in the format.  Yes, it’s now 1.5 hours and we’re all excited (though not about the many, many commercials that one must either watch or fast forward through). But what has happened to the model competition?  What about any focus at all on the models?  I understand that they have decided to eliminate MotR, but have they just permanently assigned models to designers? Will there be no choice of model by designer at all?  Where is Heidi’s velvet bag?  Where are the silk slips?  What of model-designer friendship and loyalty?  It is possible that, abiding by the silly conceit of last night’s show that the season had only really begun once there were 16 designers, next week’s episode will begin with the model choice.  I do hope so, not only because I like the model drama, but because eliminated designer Nicholas D’Aurizio’s model is stunning and I don’t want to see her go.

On to the drama of last night:

I do hope that little Mondo can make some friends.  I’d be happy to be his Denver gal pal when he returns to the Mile High City, but in the meantime he needs someone in New York with whom to kvetch and giggle.

My Gentleman Friend and I don’t understand how Christopher Collins, who is certainly cute but not exactly stunning, has emerged as some sort of supermodel on this season.  Heidi commented on it in Episode One and one of his flatmates referred to him as “the hot one” last night. Cuter than the rest, to be sure.  Hot, we think not.

The clothes: How did A.J.’s yellow creation not land him in the bottom three?  I take it that his collapse meant he recognized he should have been there.  Maybe this will make him see sense.  Ivy’s little gray dress was well tailored but so nondescript as to be forgettable.  Also a candidate for elimination in the near future?  I thought Michael’s shiny, short, and flouncy number was pretty hideous.

Mondo and his model

Overall, I have to say that I wasn’t so impressed.  Was Gretchen’s jumpsuit cute?  Sure, but it wasn’t thrilling.  Ditto for Valerie’s little red dress.  Mondo’s creation was at least more interesting and I’m pleased that he garnered some recognition for it.  I was delighted to see Heidi follow through on her threat to eliminate more than one designer.  That said, I sort of feel like Peach should have been accompanying Jason up to the workroom instead of Nicholas.  I fear that may soon be her fate…


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  1. squadratomagico said, on August 7, 2010 at 9:42 am

    I agree with your assessment of the top three: Mondo’s dress was youthful, a little more interesting, and I, too, loved his MTMoore fashion photo. Not my personal style, but I could see its appeal. Gretchen’s jumpsuit was cute on the model, but I don’t think I personally know any woman, of any age, who would wear a denim (it was denim, wasn’t it?) onesie. It was retro in an uninteresting way. Valerie’s red dress was nice, nothing more.

    In general, I find this season’s contestants uninspiring… not the best group.

    I agree with the elimination of Nicholas, though I liked him and felt so bad for him on the runway when he murmured, “thank-you,” mournfully, to Heidi through his tears. But the outfit didn’t cohere and the blouse seemed poorly made (though the skirt was nicely fitted).

    • Blake said, on August 7, 2010 at 9:54 am

      I don’t know how, but I had forgotten all about Mondo’s mention of Mary Tyler Moore. How did that happen? There’s ANOTHER reason to love him.

      And yes, I don’t see that onesie (I’m not sure it was denim, but even so) being a particular favorite of any woman who does not regularly grace the cover of Marie Claire magazine.

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