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The Squeaky Bean

Posted in denver, food, wine by Blake on October 24, 2010

We are alive.  Even though it seems we have disappeared, we do in fact still exist.  There’s been all kinds of busyness going on in the lives of your DOD boys.  Work has been hectic for both of us.  We’ve both been traveling.  And we’ve both had visitors lately.  My Gentleman Friend was in town for a few days and Alastair has had some of his best gal pals from SF visiting as well.  All of this should have resulted in a series of witty posts about our adventures, but that’s how busy we’ve actually been: all adventure, no posting.  I will attempt to right that pattern today, with the first of a series of posts on what we’ve been up to.

My Gentleman Friend and I met up with Alastair for dinner last week at The Squeaky Bean (at Tejon and 33nd in the Highlands).  I had been before, but just for lunch; Alastair had been for dinner.  We had never dined there ensemble.  We were impressed, though maybe not quite as impressed as our gal pal Mama Monroe over at The Denver Omelette, who gave it one of her ravest reviews. We began with a couple glasses of white and a cocktail for the GF, who doesn’t go in much for vino (don’t even get me started).  We opted to split a couple appetizers: the pig platter and the chicken liver mousse.  Both came with lovely toast points and neither disappointed.  This is where we concur with Mama: these folks know their meats.  I’m not sure if they know their service quite as well as their meats, as we had to wait to place our orders for quite some time, and this was on a weeknight.  I can’t imagine what it might be like on a weekend.

Deconstructed Shepherd's Pie

Alastair and I were also pleased with our main courses.  Alastair had a deconstructed “no bake” Shepherd’s pie, though he didn’t actually know how deconstructed it would be till it arrived.  Very.  He wasn’t actually given a knife to deal with his pie and the pieces of lamb were big enough that he could have used one.  I opted for the wild boar chops, served with wilted tatsoi and Brussel sprouts faro.  Delicious, but the meat was remarkably difficult to cut.  It was tender once removed from the bone, but that removal was no easy matter, it must be said.  The GF decided he’d go for a couple appetizers for dinner and neither one particularly impressed.  The spinach and artichoke dip, though different from what you might expect — indeed it looked like a soup with a flower headband — was not all that thrilling.  But the real disappointment was the kohlrabi and apple soup, which had little in the way of flavor, though is served in its own little teapot, poured for you right there at the table.  The presentation at the Bean is done with flair.

Apple tartelet with ice cream and caramel apple

Dear reader, we weren’t done there; we had dessert.  After all, it was a special occasion, the GF being in town.  I opted for the crisp apple tartelet with ice cream and a smallish caramel apple.  I can barely recall what the GF and Alastair had, so long has it been.  But Alastair’s involved a mini milkshake of his very own.  And all of them were artfully arranged on our plates.  I must say that my apple business surely had some sort of nut in it because my mildish nut allergy was making my throat all scratchy, but a few extra sips of Malbec and an hour later and I seemed to be OK.

All in all, we had a lovely time at the Bean, where we were informed by our waiter that all staff members have their own bean-inspired nickname and beans — coffee beans, green beans, all kinds of beans — make appearances on the menu to unite the restaurant in its bean theme.


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  2. Mama Monroe said, on October 25, 2010 at 9:06 am

    All sounds deelish — sorry you weren’t as blown away as I was. We dined at SB yet again last Friday night and I was delighted as always. However we stuck with our Bean MO – which is order all of the small plates on the menu and share. In fact – in each of our visits to the Bean we’ve never ordered main entrees (except for brunch)! Maybe the small plates are the way to go?

    • Blake said, on October 25, 2010 at 11:25 am

      No complaints, Mama. We may not have been blown away but we had a delicious dinner. And the wine selection is pretty good as well! Though the small plates were delicious, I did enjoy my boar chops; I would order those again.

  3. casey said, on October 25, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    love the idea of the dessert. i’m going to try to recreate, as i’m 1200 miles from the Bean.

    • Blake said, on October 26, 2010 at 9:39 pm

      I think the dessert would be doable, Casey. Hope you’re doing well in your new home!

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