Down and Out in Denver

Walt and Wendy Do Denver (Part Two)

Posted in bars, denver, entertainment, food, gays by Alastair on October 25, 2010

On Thursday, Blake and I accompanied Walt, Wendy, and a small band of Walt’s conference gal pals for our second (and big) night on the town.  And dear DOD readers, it was a bigger night for some, than it was for others. I was feeling like your friendly Cruise Director, Julie McCoy by the end of the night, and one of my passengers would unfortunately experience a case of seasickness. No. Lie.

Alastair, your friendly Cruise Director

Feeling lightly lubricated, thanks to a conference-related gathering at the DAM (and the higher altitude), our out-of-town guests were looking to start their evening out in the world on the right foot. I was confident they would enjoy the legendary Cruise Room just off the lobby of The Oxford Hotel, based on my past experience. The Art Deco décor, the neon-lighted wall panels depicting different toasts from around the world, and the classic cocktail menu did not disappoint our sophisticated visitors. After some lively conversation and a few cocktails some of Walt’s gal pals ordered food from the McCormick’s Fish House menu and I quickly began to plan our next move.

Given the night of the week, the size of our group, and the growing intoxication of some, I knew JR.’s, “Denver’s favorite, award-winning GLBT bar” was the right choice.  We grabbed our taxicabs and headed to JR.’s, but not before Blake and I stopped by Steuben’s for a quick bite that did not require us to rub shoulders with six other guests.

The Cruise Room at The Oxford Hotel

By the time we arrived at JR’s it was clear that one member of Walt’s conference posse, let’s call her Whitney, was letting the booze get the best of her. At one moment, while everyone was seated outside and I was waiting in line to grab a round of drinks, I look over to one corner of the bar to spot Whitney, sitting by herself, drink in hand, and phone on the bar. Despite her intoxication, and frequent declaration of said inebriation, Whitney continued to throw back one cocktail after the next, and to the surprise of many.

After spotting Mondo Guerra from afar, Wendy decided that he had seen all that JR.’s had to offer and yours truly was feeling the pressure to come up with a solution. Charlie’s, the country western themed bar on East Colfax and home to the infamous disco boots! “No matter who you are, you always know that there’s ALWAYS A PARTY AT CHARLIE’S!!!” But, seriously, Wendy could not have been more excited. Walt was beside himself. I could not tear my eyes away from the somewhat hipster hottie in the torn flannel shirt that was tearing up the dance floor. The same excitement was shared by the rest of our guests, except Whitney, who in our excitement realized that she had disappeared, having taken a cab back to her hotel. I think this realization came to us after Blake headed back home. He had an early flight the next morning to the East Coast. So, unfortunately he would miss out on something that would keep Walt, Wendy, and me endlessly entertained for the remaining weekend.

Whitney's first text message

Whitney’s gal pal, who was sharing a room with her during the conference, received a text from Whitney, which she immediately shared with us. “I just vommmmmmed.” Not long after, another text would arrive. “I so siiick.” Seriously. I still laugh out loud when I say that. Maybe you had to be there… We all felt terrible, especially for the woman sharing a room with Whitney. But, what a journey, and what a way to end the night.


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  1. squadratomagico said, on October 26, 2010 at 8:30 am

    God, this is so funny! I’m giggling as I read it…. but the most puzzling part is: who in the world takes time out to text about their vommmmt?

  2. […] evening, in my new role as Cruise Director, I reunited with my San Francisco gal pals Walt and Wendy and their super cute companion Jess (who […]

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