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Satchel’s on 6th

Posted in denver, food by Alastair on April 30, 2011

The asparagus salad from Satchel's on 6th

On a recent Thursday evening, Blake and I stopped by the newly opened Satchel’s on 6th. Thrilled to have another eating establishment opening within walking distance of home, we headed over to 6th and Gilpin. Satchel’s, which seats about 50, is outfitted with handsome tables constructed from beetle-kill pine, surprisingly comfortable metal red chairs, charming red brick walls, and a bar uniquely placed in the center of the space. The tight menu of about a dozen offerings features American comfort food… with a twist. After ordering our wine, Blake began his meal with Satchel’s take on the classic wedge… Blake likes his wedge. Nice big pieces of bacon, cherry tomato, some pickled onion, Roquefort, and a yoghurt dressing. I had a pretty amazing salad of asparagus, with shavings of country-style ham, a perfectly poached egg, and what appeared to be house made ricotta. Delish!

Satchel’s take on the wedge

Now, mind you, Satchel’s may have only  been open for a few days. And we thoroughly enjoyed our meals. More to come. Generally speaking, the service provided by the staff was attentive and informative; however, our server was perhaps a little less prepared    than one might like when making a first impression. She didn’t appear to be very knowledgable about many of the items on the menu we had asked about. Additionally, she basically alluded to not trying some items on the menu. This is a must in my experience! Especially for such a pared down menu. Back to the food!

Cured Artic Char

For his main course, Blake was brought the Cured Arctic Char. Mind you, he ordered the herbed Sole Gratinee. The mistake, which was quickly corrected, was to our advantage. We got to sample another dish and on the house! Who can complain!? When the Sole did arrive, Blake was very pleased. Melted leeks, Dijon, and baby potatoes gratinee of herbed sole. I think the melted leeks were the big hit of this dish. Perhaps most notable was that the Sole was a much bigger portion than the Char. Significantly so. It would have been considered a starter by some… and certainly was by Blake.

Sole Gratinee

While he enjoyed the Char, which was served with a cucumber salad that would have made my mother proud, I dug into my Short Rib Meatloaf. I’m a fan of short ribs. I’ve had them numerous times at Potager, tried them at P17, and I was really intrigued as to how one would make meatloaf out of it. A small log of tender beef was served with pot au feu vegetables and a smokey ketchup. I could not have been more pleased with my choice.

Short Rib Meatloaf

Blake and I are looking forward to stopping by again. I know I’m going to be asking my neighborhood gal pals to join me for Satchel’s “punch brunch” on one of those warm Saturday or Sundays, when bowls of liquid punch will be served!


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  1. Historiann said, on April 30, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Yum! What is it with the artic char these days? Is that the new name for a previously unfashionable fish? (Is it more sustanable than the salmon/tuna/seabass etc.?)

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