Down and Out in Denver


Posted in baby goats, denver, outdoors by Blake on October 25, 2010


The Barn at Anderson Farms

I feel like I have finally become a Coloradan.  And it took a visitor — my Gentleman Friend — to make it happen.  The GF was here last week and he insisted that he wanted to go to a corn maze.  I have done my level best over the past five years to avoid corn mazes.  But the GF was having none of it.  He wanted fall foods and autumn activities and a hay ride and the corn maze itself. So after extensive internet research, as well as a consultation with his stylist at Supercuts (don’t get me started), we settled on Anderson Farms Corn Maze in Erie.  They claim to be Colorado’s largest and longest-running. They also have plenty of other activities, and this was one of the GF’s criteria.

Baby Goats

It was a bizarre, though totally enjoyable, experience.  I played hooky from work (don’t tell!) on Wednesday.  We were surrounded by lots of children, clearly also playing hooky in the middle of the day.  This part confused me somewhat.  I didn’t really understand why a corn maze would be open in the middle of a weekday, but they seemed to be getting a pretty steady traffic.  First we met the various animals: sheep, goats, bunnies, and best of all: BABY GOATS!  Really pretty much too adorable for words.

The Pumpkin Patch

Then we took a wagon ride to visit a few cows — they give you food pellets so you can feed them; cow tongues are insanely large and slobbery — and some buffalo before stopping off at the pumpkin patch, where differently sized pumpkins were available at different prices.  If you didn’t want to pick your pumpkin right there, a large assortment was available back at the barn, including gourds (5 for $1; I picked the craziest looking ones of all and they are now the centerpiece of a windowsill autumnal display).

More Baby Goats

But arguably the best part ( I say “arguably” because that’s how much I love baby goats) was still to come.  The MAZE of MAIZE! Each year Anderson Farms designs its maize maze to look like different animals from the air.  This time there was a big moose and a bear and an eagle carrying a fish.  And, dear reader, it is not easy.  You are given a map and then you’re on your own.  You follow the maze around to different stations, where you punch your card to prove you made it to each station.  I am pleased to report that we didn’t get lost, even as the GF upped the ante by making a new rule: only one navigator to get to each station, like an extended trust game.  If our relationship can withstand that kind of stress, we’re in it for the long haul!

Another Baby Goat

We finished the afternoon with a caramel apple (him) and a lemonade (me) before we drove to White Fence Farm so that he could pick up an order of corn fritters ($1.75 for a dozen); longtime readers will know that WFF is a favorite of the GF’s from his days as a child in suburban Chicago, home of the original location.  All in all, a very Coloradan day was had by both of us. And that was not such a bad thing at all.  (Note that this is perhaps the first and only time I have used the “outdoors” tag on a post!  Note also that we have an altogether new tag.)

How Adorable? There are no words